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How to Make a Primitive Raggedy Ann Annie Rag Doll

Doll photos and written materials on this page are © Oh Sew Dollin . All Rights Reserved and may not be copied or used in any way except the intent for which created! Written permission from the author-artist is required for use of part or all of this material.

PLEASE click HERE to read the tips for making a rag doll for a small child.  


*¼ inch seam allowance is included on all pattern pieces UNLESS noted otherwise.
*Sew the doll parts using a very short stitch. (1 or 2)
*Remember to wash, dry and iron all cotton fabric before cutting out the doll parts.
*Gather all of your supplies.
*Print and cut out your pattern pieces.

Cut out the pattern. Punch a dot along the outline of the features just big enough for a mechanical pencil point to go through.

Back of the pattern after dots have been punched.

Pin the pattern piece to fabric and cut out. Do not remove the pattern piece.
Put the pencil point through punched hole on the pattern and make a dot on the fabric.

Remove the pattern piece and connect the dots. The face is transferred.


Pick up the front (the face piece) and turn it over and place it on top of the back piece. Face should be down, on the inside when you stitch the two pieces together.

Start stitching on the bottom where it will be left open for stuffing. Use a small stitch setting 1 or 1 1/2. 1/4 inch seam allowance is included in pattern piece unless noted otherwise.

I always reinforce the stitching in the neck area by back stitching a few times. I use a stitch a little smaller than a 1 in the neck area.

Trim the seam allowance (just a little) all the way around.


I use hemostats for turning and stuffing.Hemostats open and close like scissors but they do not have a cutting edge.

They are big pinchers or grabbers. You reach in and pinch the fabric and pull it through.

Go all the way to the end, grab the fabric and pull to right side. Once you get use to using hemostats they are like an extension of your hand.


PLEASE click HERE to read the tips for making a rag doll for a small child. 
Blush cheeks by dipping the tips of brush in paint, pounce brush on scrap of fabric to remove excess paint. Lightly apply "blush" to cheeks.


Use a button as a template to draw circles for the eyes.

To stitch face: Thread a long needle, knot the end of thread. Enter through back of head. Pull knot gently through fabric on back of head so nothing shows on back of head.

This photo is an example of how to stitch the face after stuffing. Stitch with a simple back stitch going just under the stuffing a little.

After stitching the whole face exit out the top of the head, make a stitch at the top to secure thread. Bury the thread and cut the thread so the end goes back into the stuffing and disappears. Nothing should show on back of hea

Stitch the nose with a satin stitch. Enter and exit the same way as the face.


PLEASE click HERE to read the tips for making a rag doll for a small child.
The eyes can be painted or stitched with a satin stitch. Paint the eyes with a stiff brush using a slightly dry brush. Dip just the tip of the brush in the paint and remove the excess before painting the eyes.

Sew buttons in the center if you are using buttons.

Hair is sewn on at the seam with strong matching thread. All yarn hair is sewn on the same way, no matter what style.

Using strong thread, make a loop at the seam by going through the head, back around and through again. Leave ends of thread about 6 inches long for tying.

Make a loop for each hair bundle.

Make your yarn bundles.

Put yarn bundles or pigtails through the loops. Arrange yarn bundle or strands of yarn and pull the thread very tight and tie.

Repeat until all the hair is on. Fluff and admire.


PLEASE click HERE to read the tips for making a rag doll for a small child.
Mark the outline for the shoes using the same connect the dots method used for the face. Pencil socks or stripes on lightly free hand with the automatic pencil. Paint and sand lightly when dry. Use a stiff paint brush to paint the leg stripes. Keep the brush slightly dry and go back and forth with the stiff brush like you are coloring with a crayon. Do not worry about the stripes being perfect, they never are. (for me anyway)


Turn in about ¼ inch on the ends of arms and stitch closed. Place arms on shoulders and stitch to body using strong thread. Take several big stitches when you sew on the arms, go deep into the stuffing.

Match seams on legs. Turn in 1/4 to about 1/2   inch, stitch closed. Place legs on body, toes facing forward and whip stitch the legs to body using strong thread. Go all the way across a couple of times to make sure the legs are securely attached.


Pin bloomers together and stitch. (These undies were made for a tea-dyed primitive rag doll. You may want to make your dolly's undies out of a coordinating print or a lacey eyelet or a bright white.)

Turn down at waist and up on the ends of legs. Hand stitch drawstrings.

In her undies.

Two piece dress style: Some patterns have a one piece dress. This step does not apply to the one piece dress style.

Gather dress bottom skirt and pin to dress top at waist. Stitch together.

The front and back of dress with gathered skirt bottom attached.

All styles Pin front and back together and stitch at shoulders, (leave open for neck) under arms and down sides.Trim seams and clip corners.

Turn in at neck and hand stitch a drawstring around neck, leave ends of thread long for tying later.

Turn up ½" twice on bottom of dress and hem. Turn up ½" twice on the end of each sleeve and hand stitch hem.

Turn dress to right side.

Put dress on doll feet first. Draw up strings at neck and tie. Adjust gathers. Trim thread ends and tuck the ends of thread in.

Sew bow to head using the same method as the hair bundles. All finished!

All and full credit for anything I have or anything good I am able to do goes to one and only one: Jesus, sweet Jesus! My Lord and my Saviour and my God!